Bob McCool - 4th of July Parade

2022 Superior 4th of July Parade. Photo courtesy of ELD Photography.

Bob and family at the 2022 Superior 4th of July Parade.

Bob McCool for Superior Trustee - Superior Colorado
Bob McCool photo at trailhead

Meet Bob

Bob McCool has been a dedicated Town of Superior community leader and advocate for more than two decades.

At the top of his list he is committed to serving everyone impacted by the December 30, 2021 Marshall Fire. Having lost their home in Original Town, Bob and his wife Daryl are intimately engaged with their neighbors to help them navigate through this disaster. Bob is focused on Northwest area planning to allow residents the opportunity to rebuild their lives before major changes impact the area. This part of town was ravaged by the Marshall Fire and our primary focus should be getting residents the support they need to get back home. Read more about Bob’s work on the Northwest Area Plan.

Other issues of critical importance include:

  • updating our Comprehensive Plan from 2012;
  • improving our processes to effectively inform and engage our community on development applications brought forward
  • focusing on economic development with an eye towards more places to work, viable shops and restaurants, walk-ability and creating a sense of place as we grow;
  • increasing our sustainability footprint;
  • building up the Arts, improving overall community engagement and supporting our strong commitment to Open Space, Parks and Recreation.