Bob McCool for Superior Trustee - Superior


Bob’s long and diverse history of leadership contributions to the Town of Superior, its business community, and its residents make him uniquely qualified to be a member of the Board of Trustees. As a long time resident of Original Town and chair of the Planning Commissioner during the development of the Northwest Superior Plan, Bob’s knowledge and perspective will be essential as Superior rebuilds after the Marshall Fire and grapples with the development issues in the Superior Marketplace. Original Town has been un-represented on the Town Board long enough – we need his voice.

Sandie Hammerly

Former Town Trustee, Superior, CO

I have known Bob McCool for over 10 years. Bob actively engages in volunteering his time and talents for committees, events, and charities in our community more than anybody else I know. He cares deeply and is thoughtful about how to best meet the needs of the residents of Superior. Bob is honest and kind. He is a good listener. He seeks to understand issues from all sides. I know Bob would be an excellent trustee for the Town of Superior — in fact, I can think of no one better suited for the position. 
Mary Gaylord

Resident, Superior, CO

The group of candidates for Trustee has many newer residents. Among this field, Bob brings a true depth that is quite unique is the election cycle. Community is in his bones, he cares deeply for the Town of Superior. I feel confident that supporting Bob for Trustee will be a win for our town.
Jackie Zyvoloski

Resident, Superior, CO

I’ve known and respected Bob since we both worked for the City of Boulder, even before he & his wife Daryl moved in across the street from me in Original Town those many years ago.  Besides being a dear friend and excellent provider of my IT support via his well-run business, I appreciate Bob for all that he has done as a concerned citizen of our Town, most recently on the Planning Commission.  I know that he will serve knowledgeably and evenhandedly on the Town Board and especially as a voice of reason from Original Town and the Northwest Area.  His knowledge of current and future issues will be a great asset to us all.  

Please vote for McCool!

Ross Morgan

Long-time Original Town resident, Superior, CO

We endorse Bob McCool for the Superior Board of Trustees. He brings vast knowledge and experience to the working of the Town through years on the Open Space and Planning Commission (including Chair). Our community has benefited from his years in the Superior Chamber of Commerce (President) and being a small business owner. Northwest Superior has had an advocate in Bob who brings his integrity and calmness to all the changes that will come before the Board of Trustees. Superior needs his voice as Trustee for the big decisions we face.

Mike and Debbie Yeats

Residents, Superior, CO

I have known Bob for many years. He’s known for his good work in our town and neighborhood. Over the past year I have had the opportunity to work with him and his company professionally. He is smart, hard-working and has great integrity both professionally and personally. I cannot think of a better member of our community to represent the citizens of this town.
Mike Sisk

Resident, Superior, CO

I cannot overemphasize the value of experience in this year’s Superior trustee election. Four of seven seats are on the ballot and another two might need to be appointed after the election, for the largest turnover on the Town Board perhaps ever. Two candidates, Neal Shah and Bob McCool, represent that experience and knowledge of the issues that no other candidate brings to the table. The challenges currently facing Superior are very complex. Both Neal and Bob have proven themselves over and over again to have the intellect, fortitude and temperament that will foster well-considered decisions on issues big and small. Their leadership will be invaluable as the Town Board undergoes a major transformation. Please join me in selecting Neal and Bob as your No. 1 and 2 picks for trustee.
Sandy Pennington

Town of Superior Trustee 2010-2018, Superior, CO

In my capacity as a planning Commissioner, Trustee, and Citizen of the Town of Superior, I’ve worked with Bob McCool for more than 20 years and always found him to have the best interests of the entire town in all of his positions and actions. As an Original Town resident he expressed his opinions as events would effect him personally but also recognized what was needed for everyone and took actions accordingly. I have seen so many other whose actions have solely centered around NIMBY issues but NOT Bob. He gets the big picture! I believe Bob’s benevolence toward the entire town along with his decades of involvement and engagement on committees and the Planning Commission make him uniquely qualified to be Trustee during these critical upcoming years in Superior. Vote Bob McCool for Superior Trustee.
Jeff Chu

Former Superior Trustee, Superior, CO

Bob McCool is exactly the kind of community-focused leader we would love to see helping Superior set a positive future course from a seat on the Town Board of Trustees. We focus on two words, competence and commitment, in particular. As a small business owner, Bob understands the challenge of managing budgets, staff and a constantly evolving technology environment. He does it all, deftly, having provided excellent service to customers like us for roughly 20 years. What is most exceptional about Bob is the dedication he demonstrates to both his professional and volunteer commitments. When we need emergency IT service, Bob and his team are there. When the many organization Bob has served to lead need his skills and time, Bob is there, helping to overcome the most difficult challenges. He does it all, even as we’ve witnessed the McCool family’s journey through grief and recovery in the loss of their Old Town Superior home. That’s the Bob we’ve had the opportunity to know and respect . . . and we look forward to seeing him apply those some qualities in a seat on the Superior Town Board.
Molly & John Tayer

Boulder, CO