Frost has come & the Giant Pumpkin has been picked

Well, a frost came yesterday morning and by afternoon our garden was quickly transforming from a vibrant October producing garden into what appeared to be a lifeless plot settling down fornthe winter. But it is only early fall and underneath the ground our garden is still teaming with life and will provide us with root veggies for a bit longer.

Excitement came as we realized that it was time to pick our Giant Pumpkin. We don’t have a weigh in yet (I can’t pick it up alone) but it is 21″ tall and 64″ in diameter. It is flat on one side which is probably due to my lack of experience growing giant pumpkins.




The Great Pumpkin

Well, I decided at the beginning of the year that I wanted to grow a giant pumpkin. I bought a pack of seeds that said “Giant Pumpkin, up to 500lbs). 500 Lbs!  Cool… Ok, that’s too big. Mostly I just wanted a bigger than normal pumpkin for Halloween from the garden.

Looks like I’m going to get my wish. And, there’s another 6 weeks of growing left!

Welcome new hens

Welcome to our two newest hens. They are both Leghorns (you remember Foghorn Leghorn, right?). We have one other Leghorn named Jumpy who has been our best egg layer. So, when two of our Buff Orpingtons decided to spend all of their time brooding instead of laying we decided to give them a new home and replace them with what we hope to be two more great white egg layers!