Dad’s Papers

Our Dad, Frederick J. McCool passed away in 1978. During his career he was a Journalist, Editor and Public Relations Manager. This section is dedicated to his writings.

Germanium and You (By Loren E. Bollinger)

This article was with Dad’s papers. Loren E. Bollinger is the author and co-wrote Beyond the Speed of Sound with Dad. I can only assume that this was written for “Science and You.”  The article is very interesting and talks about the development of the transistor! Where would be today without that!

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Radio Astronomy

This article, Radio Astronomy is not dated, signed or marked in any way. It was with Dad’s papers and typed on “onion skin” paper. The writing sounds like Dad so I can only assume he must have written it.

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Science and You – Beyond the Speed of Sound

This article looks like it was written in 1957 with Loren Bollinger. It’s interesting that none of the articles are “dated”. Dad (or Loren) mention in the article “Now, in 1957…” which gives this one away, but some of the articles are unclear when they were written.

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News Articles

A few of Dad’s News Articles

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Dependence Or Independence

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Thinking Systems For Missile Guidance

Being as deep into computers as I am, this paper is especially meaningful to me. It seems Dad loved technology. I wish he could be here today reading his works on an IPad!

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Daddy, How long is forever?

“Daddy”, asked Paul, “how long is forever”?

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