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I would like to see this section dedicated to exploring and expanding the knowledge base of the Fred and Virginia McCool lineage. Our trip to Ireland this Summer, finding the “McCool lands” in Cashelard and meeting Sean and John McCool there really energized my determination to dig deeper. I hope this venue will help all visitors to the site learn more about our family and contribute what they can to our historical recording.

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  1. I also wanted to add James’ father’s information: John McCool
    Your 8th great grandfather
    Birth 1675 in Toberhead, Antrim, Ulster, Ireland
    Death 7 Feb 1727 in New Castle, New Castle, Delaware, United States

    1. Hi Laura,
      Thank you for your post. My ancestors came from the area around Donegal in Ireland, not far from Londonderry. They arrived in this country in the mid 1850s. I have not been able to find records there to expand my knowledge. If you have anything on the family between the years 1750 and 1850 in Ireland I am very interested.

  2. My 7th great grandfather James McCool was born in 1709 in Londonderry, Londonderry, , Ireland and died on 2 Sep 1751 in Frederick, Virginia, United States. I’d like to know more about the McCool lineage.

  3. Hello Paul,

    This is the John McCool that you and your wife met in Cashelard that day. I have been doing some more research and I have found out that an uncle of my grandmother emigrated to Canada. His name was James and he was married to a Mary Clarke with a son called John, . I don’t know if this might tie into anything but I remember that some relation of yours was born in Winnipeg Canada. A nice surprise to find this page on the net, very chuffed.

    Slain John


    1. John, it is very good to hear from you.Sue and I have very fond memories of our short time in Cashelard. I hope you and your Father are well. And how is Sprocket these days?

  4. Hi Paul
    Albert Holland McCool was my great grandfather. I have a photo of him his wife Talitha and four of his children. If you would like it and a couple of others I have Let me know and I would be glad to share.Like everyone else, I would like any info you would be willing to share.

    I hope to hear from you soon

    Bob email


    1. Hi Bob,
      I have looked at some trees at with your ggrandfather in them. I do’t see a link to our tree other than a common last name. My gggrandfather immigrated into Pennsylvania from Ireland in the mid 1800s. I believe your gggrandfather, ?Berry Alexander McCool was born in Alabama in 1846. I appreciate your interest in family history and the McCool line in particular. Keep at it. If you find a link in our lineage, please let me know.

  5. My Grandfather was Doris Sylvanus McCool from Naxapater, Mississippi. Born June 29,1898. He was the son of Albert Holland and Sarah Telitha McCool. If you think we are related please let me know. I have a hand written family history written by my Grandmother. It starts in the 1700’s. Our family came to the US from Ireland. They settled in what is now McCool Mississippi

    1. You are very fortunate to have that hand written history. I hope you have taken steps to preserve it and to expand it. I would be very interested in whatever information is in that history about the whereabouts of your McCool ancestors when they lived in Ireland. I’m pretty sure I have no ancestors since the mid 1800s who might be related to yours. However, mine seem to have originated in the Donegal, Balleyshannon, Cashelard area in Ireland. If any of those names or references to northwestern Ireland appear in your history, please let me know. I know there is a McCool, Nebraska. This is the first I have heard of a McCool, Mississippi.

      1. Paul, thanks for the quick response. Here is some references from the history I have “see immigration of Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania from 1682 to 1750 page 389). At Duch Creek monthly meeting, Camden Deleware a Gabriel McCool produced a certificate for himself and brother James McCool from the meeting in Dunglane County of Londonderry, Ireland, received 9th month 22nd day 1725. ” That is the only reference I have found so far to the part of Ireland they came from.

    2. Hi
      Talitha and Albery were my great grand pare.ts. you have no idea
      How much I would love a cpy of your history. I hpe
      To hear from ypu soon. I guess that makes us second

      1. Could you please let me know who Talitha and Albery are? I don’t recognize the names in our tree.

  6. I don’t have much history on the origins of my family. Oral history has my GGGrandfather emigrating from Ireland, county Donegal, Balleyshannon, probably Cashelard in the late 1840s He emigrated through Glasgow in Scotland to Canada to western PA, Lilly. Thanks for your interest and good luck in your search.

  7. I am interested to see where the McCool’s originated and what clan we are associated with. I done a little research when I was in Texas just to find out that we are maybe connected to the Mac Dougal clan.

    My clan moved east to Scotland which is my homeland.

    Would like to here more info on clan origin if you have it.

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